Monday, August 25, 2014

Stand up King's of Purpose!

Stand up King's of Purpose for you were created for greatness.  You were given talents and gifts that's awaiting to be birthed and released to make a difference in this world.  Despite the negative energy that has been displayed in the media, we must continue to encourage and support our young men. No parent shall live in fear of their child being shot to death for any reason.  Stand up King's of Purpose!  Hold your heads up high for you are the son's of the most high.   
We encourage you to learn your rights, know your rights, and stand strong in position for your rights.  You are warriors of peace and justice not warriors of mad destruction. The violence must stop and there must be a change within the justice system to treat all men equally and fairly despite the color of their skin.  Our boys are dying too young before they learn their divine purpose, master their gift, and learn who they were born to be. 
Let's give our black boys and black men the chance to learn who they are, walk into their purpose, chase their dreams, and stand as the Kings they were created to be.  Many showcase their gifts and talents; yet some have not been given the chance to shine because of their skin color.  Let's stop the racial profiling and racial barriers and treat all men equally.  Stand up Kings of purpose!  Take your rightful position that you were created to be. 
On behalf of Sistah's Place2, we send our hearts and prayers to the Brown Family. Let's have peace and justice for Michael Brown.