Saturday, August 13, 2016

August Editor Book List Recommendations

Welcome to August as we prepare to send the children back to school and off to college.  Summer is winding down slowly as we all prepare our minds mentally and emotionally as we kiss and guide our babies into a new school year.  For those parents sending their precious gems off to college, you will need to find a hobby.  Why not start a book club or reading some great books by some talented men and women. 

What's on my Editor's book list to read in August? 
  1. The Perfect Mistress by Reshonda Tate Billingsley
  2. Every Woman's Dream by Mary Monroe
  3. Stepping to A New Day- A Blessings Novel by Beverly Jenkins
  4. That Church Life by Teresa B. Howell 
  5. Just Can't Let Go by Mary B. Morrison
  6. Possessed by Passion by Brenda Jackson
  7. His Dirty Secret by Mia Black
  8. The Open Face Sandwich by Bishop Earl Jenkins
  9. For the Love of You by Donna Hill
  10. Breathless by Angie Daniels
  11. Free Friday's by Pat Tucker
  12. I Almost Forgot About You by Terry McMillian

The joy of building a library with diverse genre's that will entertain, inform, inspire, and educate your mind.  Many of the author's on the Editor's list have been interviewed by Sistah's Place Entertainment Author showcase at Sistah's Place . While other author's that made the list are some of the editor's favorite author's who's books are on the bookshelf. 

Do you see a favorite author on the list? 

Photo Credits- Book Covers courtesy of the author