Wednesday, August 17, 2016

The Election 2016 - Your vote counts

The 2016 Election year is so important for everyone to get out and vote.  It's imperative that your voice is accounted for in this election.  There is so much at stake and it's critical that everyone exercise the right to vote.  If you don't vote in this election, it will be like voting for Donald Trump silently.  Just as historical numbers were cast when President Obama first ran for President in 2008, this election is just as important.   Exercise your right to vote!

Issues that need to be addressed and enforced:
  • Laws against the treatment and injustice against  minority men and women in the communities of  predominantly black, brown, and Latina.  
  • Gun control laws that will save a life and not take a life.
  • Equal pay for women and men.
  • Adequate and proper justice against cops who abuse their position of authority.
  • Better quality of education in all communities
  • Enforce agencies local and governmental that will resolve issues before they explode in cities like Flint Michigan contaminated water.
There are a lot of issues on the table and like President Obama said at the DNC last month, "don't boo Donald Trump, vote."  Hold the elected officials accountable for their actions, promises, and produce adequate and equal legislation for all people not a particular class or race. Every Vote counts! Make sure you are registered so that you exercise your right to vote in this critical election year. 

Are you registered to vote?  If not, go get register.  Who are you taking with you to vote in November?  Make your vote count and hold the elected officials accountable for their actions.  This maybe the year that we elect our first woman president, yes we can do it. 

Sistah's Blog is endorsing Hillary Clinton for President.  Exercise your vote and endorse whomever you choose. 

Photo Credits:  Pixabay