Thursday, January 14, 2016

Did You set Goals or News Years Resolutions for 2016?

We are in the second week of 2016 and many people have set resolutions while some have set goals.  Which did you set this month for 2016?  Was its goals or resolutions?  For me, I set goals for each month on my goal board.  Goals are more attainable and realistic especially because you write them down. 

I decided to give this year a definitive theme and purpose direction.  This year is prosperity and wealth as my theme as I step out on faith to follow my dreams.  My focused theme envolves around  becoming better than I was a year ago by investing in:
  1. My Health
  2. My Finances
  3. My Dreams
  4. My Happiness
These are my areas that I have defined goals with an action plan in place to meet expectations each month on my goal board.  You cannot have goals without an action plan. 

Sometimes we as mothers forget about ourselves and we get lost in the shuffle of our children and spouses activities, dreams, and happiness.  It was inspiring to watch a video with Jada Pinkette Smith  did where she was explaining to her daughter finding time for herself, "Taking Care of You".  I can honestly sit back and relate to her comments because you are so busy taking care of everybody elses needs.  We as women wear multiple hats from mother, sister, daughter, friend, employee/employer, educator, and lover. It's okay that we be there for our loved ones, but we have to remember to take the "me time" for ourselves and remember to take time for "us".   It's important to take care of you first like Jada Pinkett told to her daughter.  Check it out on YouTube video:

For 2016, I am taking care of me from my health to my finances that will all my dreams to reap the benefits.  We only get one life so this year is all about prosperity and wealth.  Are you taking care of you this year?  Did you set goals or resolutions that have no purpose or plan?