Friday, January 1, 2016

Happy New Year 2016- Year of Wealth & Prosperity

Happy New Year 2016! This will be a year of wealth, prosperity, and driven spirit in purpose.  The first day of a new beginning. What are you going to do to make it a blessed year?

I thought about my goals and accomplishments last night as we celebrated leaving 2015 and coming into 2016, then I smiled because despite a few trials I was still accomplished and blessed.  Whatever I didn't complete last year I am not going to wrestle with the idea of why not. I come to the conclusion that goal was not realistic so I am moving forward with new goals in 2016 that are realistic and reachable. I don't mean New Years Resolutions either because let's be honest with ourselves no one really carries out on any of them.  They are unrealistic and not focused goals to complete.  I rather create goals with target dates of completion. 

Now it's a new year, 365 days to make better choices, step out on faith, and build your dreams, write that novel, have a positive impact in this world, launch that business, inspire someone, encourage someone, to be a testimony to others, and invest in you. 
It's the year of investing in you, don't you think it's time? I am investing in me more in 2016. I stepped out on faith to launch my business Sistah's Creative Media. My grand opening is 2/1/16 and I am excited to continue my dream of creative & social media management in the entertainment and publishing industry. New website at and  Facebook page is set up at providing three services. The website will be completely live by mid January. All inquiries for price packages can be sent to
Day 1, promote new business across my current social platform and network with like minded business women and men. 

Image credits: Pixabay

Last night did you take the leap of faith from 2015 into 2016? Let's make it a great year of blessings, trust your position of grace, believe in your gifts and talents, and transition to wealth. 

image credits:  Pinterest