Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Why Place Limit's on your gifts and talents?

Why Place limits on your gifts and talents?  Have you ever asked yourself why do you do this?  There is a quote that that sparked this topic and I could not help but ask the question to everyone about placing limits on our gifts, talents, and our lives. 

"Don't limit yourself. Many people limit themselves to what they think they can do.  You can go as far as your mind lets you.  What you beleive, remember you can achieve." by Mary Kay Ash

Sometimes we place limits on ourselves without knowing the consequences.  I say this because their are so many dreamers walking around not using or sharing their gifts or talents.  Some are afraid because they fear the cost it will take to make their dreams a reality.  What about the benefits you will reap for investing in your dreams?  One has to believe in his or her dream before anyone else can.  How many times have you heard this?  Sometimes we don't think we can do what we believe because our thoughts talks us right out of our journey to greatness.  We even become complacent with where we are in our career, our life, and our finances.  What exactly do you have to loose by investing in your dreams? 

To do this one must do two very important things:
  1. Remove the Limits set within and over your life
  2. Remove the boundaries that you have created and allowed to enter your life

If we remove the limits that we set before our your journey, then we can open doors of opportunities that will allow the use of our gifts and talents.  God didn't give you these gifts and talents to be dormant.  He gave you these gifts to share with the world be a light to shine for others.  Let go of your fears and start surrounding yourself with those doing wihat you desire to do.  It's time to learn, but first you must have the faith to let go of the limitations that you have placed on your life.  Start with letting go of fear, release your thoughts in your mind, release negative people, and most importantly put your trust in God.


If we remove the boundaries that you have created for yourself you will begin to see a path of prosperity and growth.  This will allow you to spread your wings so that you can start sharing your gifts and talents.  If you have not tapped into your gifts yet, then this is the time to figure out what are your gifts and talents?  Examine what you are passionate about.  It's always something that you drop everything to do and get excited about just thinking about it.  This is that special something that always places a smile on your face.  It's  an activity or a skill that you do that is unique to your personality and your spirit.  It's who you are and who you were born to be.  Once you figure out who you are then you can remove the boundaries or should we say wall from your life.  It's like taking off a mask to disover a new you. 

Why are you placing limits on your gifts and talents?  Better yet, why are you not sharing your gifts with the world?  Are you wearing a mask? 

Photo Source:  Pinterest via Theantidote.tumblr.com