Tuesday, May 24, 2016

What an empowering speech from Tyler Perry.

The month of May was about the college graduations and the great accomplishments young men and women have traveled to become graduates. There were some great speeches circulating across Facebook and there was one that caught my attention.

The speech by Tyler Perry was powerful, encouraging, and inspiring.  It was a perfect speech to the graduates at Tuskegee Univeristy.  I loved it because he gave his real life examples to the graduates so they would have something to use as a life examples.  His words and real life story was a testimony at what they can do with their gifts and talents.  Most important, Mr. Perry gave the students and the audience something to think about like What are you intentions?
 There were so many good key points that he covered in his speech that for us watching the video made you think about the questions yourself that he asked.  Living on purpose and living in purpose is powerful when you know what your intentions. 

It's graduation season and the words of the speakers can be powerful in the mindset on young me and women.  Speeches that are inspiring, testimonial, and influential will have a phenemonenal effect on the generation of tomorrow.  Check out the speech Mr. Perry gave that had me asking myself the very question he posed to the students. This may have been his first commencement speech and his words will resonated with not just the graduates, audiences, but those of us listening to his encouraging and inspiring words.

What did you think of his speech? Do you know your intention? Are you ready to have an impact on someone's life?