Wednesday, July 20, 2016

What's on July Recommend book list?

Welcome to July.  In celebration of Siatah's Place blig anniversary we have combined the June and July book list.

You most definitely want to put these books on your list to read. Our list is compromised of new authors, indie authors, national best selling authors, and our authors picks.  What books are on my hot list that I highly recommend you read.  

1. Sister Surrogate by LaChelle Weaver
2. Trudy by New author Felecia Tucker 
3. The Woman Behind The Mask by Nakia P. Evans.
4. When A Man Loves A Woman 2 by Tumika Cain. 
5. Torn by Latoya Chandler
6. I Don't Want To Love You by Tanya Robinson
7. A Sinful Calling by Kimberly Lawson Roby.
8. The Perfect Mistress by ReShonda Tate-Billingsley.
9. Unchained Hearts by Yahran St. John
10. Fooling Around 2 by Phoenix Williams

Listen to interview with LaChelle Weaver about her novel Sister Surrogate at 

Check out the interview with new author Felecia Tucker as she talks about her new novel Trudy- Swimming against the Odds is a children's book at

This summer is perfect time to read some great romance books, self-help books, inspirational books, Childrens books, and suspense books.  There is so much more to feed your mind and imagination this month.  

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