Thursday, April 7, 2016

In Honor of Black Girls Rock- We honor our list of Sisters who Rock!

As always, it's a treasure to watch BET's Black Girls Rock.  It's truly inspirational to see women in different generations share a honor that inspires us all.  Black Girls Rock represents beauty, brilliance, and women who stand in their truth.  I love to see beautiful black women empower others and most important inspire us to reach the sky as the honorees on Tuesday night.  The honorees that were celeberated were:
  1. Shonda Rhimes
  2. Rhianna
  3. Glady's Knight
  4. Dania Gurira
  5. Amandla Stenberg
  6. Patrisse Cullors, Alicia Garzo,and Opal Tometi (Black Lives Matters Founders)
Photo Credits:  BET/Twitter

So, I decided to create my own special list of women who are not just chasing their dreams, but living their dreams.  These women who have inspired, empowered, influenced, mentored others to discover who they are, share their story, discover their passion, and who have reached back to teach one and pull many forward.  Women helping others and reaching back to encourage, guide, teach, and inspire.  These are Sistah's Blog Black women who Rock.

  1. Nikki Woods
  2. Iris Bolling
  3. Johnetta McSwain
  4. Shaneisha Dodson
  5. Kimberly D. Connor
  6. Marcie Wright
  7. Aprille Frank-Hunt
  8. Patrice Washington
  9. Brigid Turner
  10. Kaye T. Caldwell
  11. Toni Larue
  12. Thea Camera
  13. Brittani Nightengal
  14. LaSheera Lee
  15. Melissa Alba
  16. Cindy Hillery Toms
The women that made this list have been interviewed, shared their story, supported, given advice, mentored, opened doors of opportunity, empowered, taught informative webinars/tele-summits that beneificial in so many ways to aid in success.  Sistah's Place Entertainment has grown over the last two years with women who inspire the dreamers to walk into their purpose and passion.  Women who believe in helping others thru service, testimony, empowerment, educating, and inspiring.  All women rock on Sistah's Place Entertainment Blog Showcase. 

Who are the women that have crossed your paths that rock?  Have they empowered you or inspired you to keep reaching toward your dreams and goals?  Have they given you advice that sent you in the right direction of your career or dreams?