Thursday, April 21, 2016

Deep Thought- Remembering Prince legendary artist and Icon

Today was not your typical day, I was stopped heading to lunch by a co-worker as she asks me, have you heard about Prince? I look at her with a look of what.. Only for her to say he has passed away at 57 years old. My heart like skips a beat  as my eyes begin to water. I shake my head in disbelief because I am like this cannot be true. Wait, we just lost an icon in a Radio Doug Banks at the age of 51 last week.   Now we loose a legendary icon in music Prince Rogers Nelson at the age of 57. The music this man made will live on for decades to come. I had to take my lunch to my car so that I could listen to the radio station.  It was nice to hear V103  playing tribute to Prince by playing his music that made you smile, bob your heads, and just think back to the first time you heard him.  I could not help but smile up at heaven because a angel went home today with no more suffering from whatever it was. They played Purple Rain which is my all time favorite, Lets Get Crazy, When Doves Cry, and Little Red Corvette. I just sat there listening to the music and reminisce my high school years when his music was playing on the radio. If you are a 70's baby you understand the music of such a legendary artist. Remember your prom dance and house parties jamming to Prince.

The death of Prince and Doug Banks made me re-think about my life and where I am now and most importantly how making sure you are living your dreams and sharing your gifts along with your talent.  Both of these men lived a full life and lived what they did because they had a impact on the lives that they connected with each day. I thought to myself that we are shedding tears today but we have to remember the gifts that both men left this world that will have us to always remember them and celebrate them. 

Have you thought about how you want to be remembered? Have you thought about the lives you can impact? Better yet, how about how many lives you can change? 

Let me leave you with thought. Life is too short and we must take care of ourselves. Most importantly, we must follow our dreams and make each day count toward taking steps to make them real.  Think about the impact you can have on someones life by sharing your gift and talent. You are a gift so share your gift with the world like Prince and Doug Banks. My prayers go out to Prince's family as well as Doug Banks family for these two men have gone home too soon.

What's your favorite Prince song?  How do you want to be remember? 


Photo Credits:  Twitter Photo