Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Sistah's Book List recommendations for March

Don't you love to open a good book and get drawn into the storyline and plot?  Have you picked up a book that has grasped your attention that you could not put it down?  Well, for the month of March many of the books were recommended or from authors that I have interviewed.  Building a library of great indie and national authors.  Who made our list for the month of March?

  1. Broken Heart- by Tyora Moody
  2. Pastor's Husband- by Tiffany L. Warren
  3. Through it All by CaSandra McLaughlin
  4. Broken Promises- by Trystan Scott
  5. Practice What you Praise- by Candice Y. Johnson
  6. Mama B.- Michelle Stimpson
  7. How to Get Out of Your Own Way- by Tyrese Gibson
  8. Solider With Back Pack Living & Dying Simultaneously by Linda Wattely
  9. He Changed My Name- by Unoma Osiegbu-Nwankwor
  10. Man on The Run -by Carl Weber
  11. My Unbroken Heart- by Adrianne Byrd
  12. When Trouble Comes to Shaddy Falls-Tiffany L. Warren
  13. Dirty Laundry by Yahran St. St. John
  14. Can't Get Enough by Yahran St. John
  15. Wives & Champions by Tina Martin
Photo Credit Source-Google Inspirations

The above are some great titles and thought provoking messages.  What draws me to a book is the title and storyline.  If you can hook me from the begining then I am adding the novel to my libary. All the novels above will definitely be in my libary.  What about yours?  Do you see a book that jumps out at you to read?