Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Do you have a vision board?

Are you a dreamer? Do you envision yourself doing something that you always dreamed to do but never seem to find the time? You find yourself conflicted with   how to get started and how to go about making your vision real?  Well today, I watched a interview on you tube by Oprah Winfrey talking with Steve Harvey about his vision board. To my surprise, I never would have thought men did a vision boards.  Steve told Oprah that you have to keep your goals in front of you.  So how can you get started? Create a vision board with the things you want to do and put a plan of action into place to execute that plan.  Check out his interview on you tube, it will inspire you to start your vision board today.

There are many tutorials on you tube that can give you sample ideals  and motivation on how to get started. Put your vision in front of you and make realistic goals to make each item on your vision board come true.  Put your vision board where you can see it and review it weekly and tweak it if necessary.  Here is a quick tutorial with Dr. Rose Moten

I took a picture of my vision board so I could have it on my phone  then made a smaller version of it for my bedroom so that I see it every morning when I wake up heading into my bathroom. I agree with Steve Harvey that keeping it in front of you will make you see the vision bs dream, and help you to stay focused on what you need to do to complete the tasks that gets you closer to your vision real.  Execute the vision and make your dreams come true.  Below is a sample layout of a vision board. 

  Have you started your vision board? It's not to late to create a vision board and goals to make it happen. It's time to live your life with vision.