Sunday, July 19, 2015

What's on my travel bucket list?

As we get older sometimes we sit and reflect about our life, our dreams, our journey, and where we are now and where we want to go.  The month of July has been a month of reflection for me.  I have made up my mind that my life will have more than sweet memories and great accomplishments in my career and my business.  I want to see more and do more. With that being said, I come up with a bucket travel list.

Meanwhile, I am looking back over places I have visited and where I would like to visit.  You only get one life so why not see the world.  What places have you dreamed of visiting?  I always said, I want to see the world and write about places I have been and people I meet along the journey.  Being a mom that list became limited until now. Yes, the joy of having a college student enabled me to start thinking more about me and my dreams.  Don't get me wrong I still think of my daughter who plans to travel the world. 

When you become a mom at 21 years of age, your priorities are taking care of your new family instead of traveling. I would not change having her for the world because she changed how I saw life as an adult. 

It's time to live those dreams and put the writer in me to work and share my stories  and accomplish more off my travel bucket list.  

So, how do you get started with a travel bucket list? I like to research many of the best places to visit reports that come out each year.  Then like any other goal, I make a list of my top 10  for U.S.A places to visit and  then I make my international list of places to visit. 
Below are my top five on each list. 

Places to visit in U.S.
1. Washington DC
2. New York
3. California, Los Angeles
4. Miami, Florida
5. San Francisco, California 

photo source: Pinterest 

Places to visit outside the U.S.:
1. Germany
2. Switzerland 
3. Italy
4. France
5. Spain 
photo source: Pinterest 

Now the journey begins as I research each place and hot spots to visits for tourists. Then I request information from each place so that I may plan and budget my trips over the next five years. This is good therapy for one to plan, research, and execute a travel bucket list.  It's fun to create a list of places to visit and make goals to make the journey real. I want to write about my journey and share stories and experiences  for generations to come. Your life is a gift and a treasure to be shared with others.

Do you have a travel bucket list?