Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Are you your sister's keeper?

Are you your sister's keeper? Have you ever felt like for every mistake your sister makes that you feel obligated to make it right? When she makes decisions that are not thought through clearly, like dropping out of school, poor dating choices, drinking habbits, or not living up to her full potential.   When she makes decisions that are dangerous to her well being emotionally and physically.  What do you do? 

You ask yourself, am I my sister's keeper? You grew up being the big sister taking the role of given sisterly advice and guidance especially when it came to dating, clothes, hair, and makeup. Then someday you would find yourself giving motherhood and career advice. Again, I ask you, are you your sister's keeper?  Somthing to think about  right?

How do you help your sister to open her eyes to trouble that don't mean her well? What about the bad choices that don't mean her any good emotionally or physically?  One has to step back and allow your sister to fall flat on her back.  If not, she will never grow up into a mature woman who can make good decisions and choices. Meanwhile, what do you do?   You can pray for her emotional, physical, and mental state of mind.   You can ask for guidance and wisdom for her so that she will began to seek and see the truth.  But you cannot make choices for her that will be better for you as she is the only one who can take control of her life.
Photo Credits: courtesy of Pinterest via #BlackLove

Eventually, she will have to get tired of getting tired. She will have to realized that the some choices that she makes is emotionally draining of her physically and mentally.  This is not healthy.  She will have to conclude that what she thinks is happiness is not happiness that God defined as happiness. She will also have to realized what she believes is love is not love.   A sister is not her sister's keeper, but she is a prayer warrior that keeps praying that her sister realizes that unconditional love is never meant to be toxic, hurtful, isolating, or controlling. 

Love is unified and blessed with a purpose driven partner that you are to be a light together. 

So the question remains, are you your sister's keeper?