Saturday, June 6, 2015

Have you worked in a toxic work place?

Have you ever worked in an environment that was toxic to your health, your spirit, and your well being? How did you handle it? How did it affect your personal life and your work performance?

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There are many characteristics that can describe a toxic workplace or toxic environment. They range from over stressed, lack of communication between management, lack of communication between departments, lack of support from management that leads to depression, weight gain, and other health issues.   Feeling overwhelmed and not getting having the proper support system in place that makes an employee feel unappreciated and over worked.  The tears fall as you drive off from your driveway because your spirit cannot take another day of a toxic workplace. You always feel sad because you dread coming to work. You feel your energy being depleted as you get out of your vehicle in the parking lot.

Speaking from experience, a toxic work place depletes your energy, affects your health, is an emotional roller coaster, and causes an inability to focus.  The tension and stress that exists in an office of that nature is not healthy on so many levels.  It came a time when I began to hate my craft that I once loved. At first I thought it was the job that made me hate my craft, but I realized it was the work environment.  It was the first time in 15 years that I experience such low moral, a lack of support, and overly stressed co-workers including myself.  Spent many sleepless nights and even felt depressed as I felt trapped in a job that I no longer wanted and the market was not at its best due to the economic downfall. The one thing I had to remember was that you are in control.  Whether you believe that or not. 

You posse a power to choose what you tolerate and accept. You have the power to walk away.  You choose your happiness over misery. Think about it this way, a company can fire you for any reason on any given day.  So why not choose your happiness over working for a toxic environment? 

How do you handle working in a toxic workplace? You have to realize that your life and your well being has more value than any job will ever give you. Start by placing yourself first.  Put yourself, your goals, and your happiness first.  Basically, your best interest should always comes first.  Take charge of your life and take control of your position and your destiny.  Tell yourself you are in control. Know how powerful you are and that you are a valuable asset that can be appreciated somewhere else. You are your greatest asset.  

Orphan Said it best: 
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Get your clarity back and focus on what is best for you. Do you work in a toxic workplace? What's the overall moral in the office?