Sunday, March 1, 2015

Up Close and Personal with Sistah's Place2

Someone asked me during an interview, how did you come up with the name "Sistah's Place2"? I responded that, growing up it was always a thrill to go over to Sistah's place to get advice about relationships, neighborhood gossip, family facts, and learn about our history as black people. She  always had pearls of wisdom and knowledge to give you that one day you find yourself telling to your children.  Sistah was the house everyone wanted to go to because she always had something sweet waiting for you as she baked apple pie, sweet potato pie, and chocolate cake. Sistah is a southern nickname given to some women that grew up in the south, like myself.  I even had the nickname Sistah growing up. 

As I was thinking about a name for my business and blog, I thought about the journey we always took over to "Sistah's Place" every month.  It helped me to form the vision in my head of having brothers and sisters coming over to my place to share their stories and talk about their journey.  A vision that was a dream to have talented men and women come over to "Sistah's Place2" to talk about their projects and inspirations in television and film.  I imagined 'Sistah's Place2" to be a place where dreams are shared, advice is given, encouragement is present in their story, and relationships are built on truth,trust, and respect.  A place where aspiration meets inspiration.  With the vision in mind, that Celebrity Spotlight will encourage and inspire someone to chase their dreams in the television and film.   Hint, the name "Sistah's Place2" was born July 1, 2014.  The birth of our Author Showcase came about in November 2014. So we cannot forget the journey as an author.  For some that journey was a long time before they would give birth to their first novel.

Photo Credits: Courtesy of Sistah's Place2

The purpose for Sistah's Place2 is to be a new voice in the community that will bring forth two platforms one Sistah's Place2 Blog Corner and the Sistah's Place2 Entertainment Showcase.  The Blog Corner platform purpose is to discuss real issues that affect the community, but also has a grown folks conversation about relationships, inspirational messages, self- empowering, current events, and self-motivation.  While Sistah's Place2 Entertainment Showcase is the second platform. It's purpose is to entertain, inspire, and encourage a dreamer to pursue their dreams and goals by interviewing and featuring  talented men and women who have traveled that journey.  Their struggle and experience can be a lesson and motivation for others aspiring to have a career in television,film, and publishing.

I am passionate about Sistah's Place2 position and platform of showcasing talented Black men and women in television, film, and publishing.  Sistah's Place2 is here to provide a service to the community of Inspiration, Empowerment, Hope, Support, and Love.

With the re-branding of Sistah's Place2 in February, separating the Entertainment showcase from the Blog Corner has made a big difference with expanding and growing our audience.  We are truly appreciative to all of our subscribers and new readers that have read our blog and visited our Sistah's Place2 Entertainment showcase at to read the interviews on our Celebrity Spotlight and Author's Showcase. We thank you for your continued support. Our goal is to continue to grow and excel by bringing you real stories and real interviews for our Celebrity Spotlight, Author's showcase, and Blog Corner.
Photo Credits: Photo courtesy of Sistah's Place2

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