Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Special interview-Baby Coopers Law with Chris Wilkerson

3/10/15 Special Interview with Chris Wilkerson on Baby Cooper’s Law
We sat down with Chris Wilkerson to discuss his movement and push for a federal law to be passed called Baby Cooper’s Law.  This was a close and personal case that motivated Chris to create a movement to raise awareness, to educate, and push to create a law that will protect the innocent.   

Photo Credits: Picture courtesy of Chris Wilkerson

Tell us about Baby Coopers Law
Baby Coopers Law is a push for a Federal initiative to do several things. First, to make it a felony for leaving a child, a animal, or other incapacitated person such as elderly persons, or mentally challenged in a vehicle hotter than 70 degrees outside in summer months or colder than 35 degrees outside during the winter months.  Secondly, for Baby Cooper's Law to provide those who break a window to save a life from criminal, civil liability, and prosecution.  It’s only legal in three states to save a life by breaking a window without penalty.  Otherwise, you can be charged.  The third aspect is to push the Federal government for a mandatory car seat alarm system.  Or some kind of alarm system that would alert the public that a living being has been left in the car.  The technology does exists, but car manufactures are not required by the government to do so.  The other thing that we are trying to do with Baby Coopers Law is to educate the public by putting pamphlets in the hospital's, pediatrician’s offices, and veterinary's offices.   

What motivated you to launch Baby Cooper’s Law?
I knew the dad in the case that is up-coming in Georgia.  I can’t speak on the case and I believe in a fair trial for everyone.  What motivated me further, once I got into looking at how many kids a year died; it’s 37 kids on average in United States alone. That does not count worldwide because it’s a problem in Australia, New Zealand, the Middle East, and Israel. 

How can our audience support Baby Coopers Law?
Well, there is one of three ways your audience can help us.  One, we have a Facebook page that everyone can go to and our website at Two, we are looking for volunteers to distribute the educational material to the hospitals and pediatrician offices.  Three, we are looking for folks who are willing to help out in their area and be ambassadors to speak and talk in the public. We have several things that we are doing.  We have been lucky enough to have Lindsie Chrisley Campbell of  Chrisley Knows Best reality show help us with the gala that we are going to have.  We will be looking for volunteers in the Atlanta area to help with that.  Finally, if they don’t have money or the time they can hit the share button on our Facebook page. 

What is the vision/mission for Baby Cooper’s Law that you have for 2015?
Ideally, what we would like to do is have the Celebrity Gala in the Atlanta area hopefully in June to commemorate the time of Cooper’s Death.  The law is named after little Baby Cooper Harris.  We hope to raise enough money at that point so that we can generate our educational materials for the hospital nurseries, Veterinarians, and pediatrician’s offices.  Our goal is to get the law that I have written into its final form so that we get it to a United States Congressman or Senator to look at in its final form before going to United States Congressional resolution.  Last year, there were only 30 kids and I would like to see this number cut to half by 2016 with our awareness and push of Baby Cooper’s Law.

You can learn more about Chris Wilkerson’s movement for Baby Cooper’s Law by visiting their Facebook page and website.  He has shared several media stories to help bring the awareness to all communities regardless of race, ethnicity, or gender.

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