Thursday, October 16, 2014

Have you ever been Addicted to someone ?

By now many have seen the movie, Addicted based on the novel by Zane a best selling author.  In the movie, Zoe is addicted to sex and because of her addiction she puts at risks her business, her family, and her marriage.  It was truly an erotic thriller with various twists that kept your attention through out the movie.  So it raises the question, have you ever been addicted to someone?

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An addiction can be overwhelming and over powering to a person especially a woman given the fact women are emotional creatures of habit.  We love hard and give our all to that special person who has won our hearts.  However, when you become addicted to that person's smell, his smile, his swag, and his physical body sculpture.  You find yourself daydreaming about that person all the time, loosing track of time, and not being able to complete tasks that are put before you.  You find yourself yearning for his simple touch of your elbow.  You have gotten completely lost in this person and it's out of control when it begins to affect your daily life tasks and chores.

In the movie, Zoe has a handsome husband, beautiful children, and her own business; but she was not satisfied or fulfilled.  How does one know she or he is not fulfilled when your better half has giving you sex on a regular basis three to four times a week?  Is the addiction to sex over powering to the point you feel completely out of control?  Sex addiction and porn addiction is real and how a person comes to terms with their addiction is another topic. 

Have you ever been addicted to someone?  If so, how did you handle your addiction?  What was the craziest thing you done for the person you were or still addicted to?  Did you find yourself seeking help?  Would you say you are addicted to your husband or significant other?

Did you see the movie?  Check it out with your girlfriends or husband; however, I strongly advise not to take your children for this is an adult movie.