Saturday, May 30, 2015

Update from SP2 CEO

Thank you for your patience for the month of May. This has been an extraordinary month as we build a brand new website and rebranded our Entertainment Showcase with a new host. The brand new responsive online magazine template is just what we needed to go to the next level.  The transition is just about complete. We are tweaking and finalizing a few components on our new website that will be live 6/1/15.

I am extremely excited about the new look and the bigger platform. My dreams and goals are coming true. With that being said, thank you for your patience this month as we transitioned. 

A special newsletter announcement will be going out with the NEW website address on Sunday evening. We look forward to you visiting the new website and a back link will be added to our blog navigation tab. 

Photo credits: Pinterest

Aligning your personality with your purpose is a powerful tool. We are building a platform to inspire, uplift, encourage, and share stories of real people who share their gifts and journey. 

My personality is aligned with my purpose. 

We have started booking interviews for June and July. Details on our new platform, new business, and who will be interviewed in June will be announced in our June Newsletter that comes out in June 5th. 

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