Sunday, October 25, 2015

It's important to support Black Independent Films

What it means to support black films? It means a lot to be able to support black films that are independent productions outside of the usual Hollywood productions.   These movies may not be produced by the large movie studio's in Hollywood, but by the small production company with the same vision and dream.  Indpendent films are seen on NetFlix, TVOne, BET, and many on DVD.  They have strong messages, great actors both men and women, showcasing talented of writers, singers, and graphics artists.  Many of  directors visions is to be able to entertain, bring a positive message, and reflect positive roles of black women and men.   Most importantly, the issues addressed are relatable in the black community.  


Meanwhile, it's a great accomplishment for many indie films to be selected for Black Film Festivals.  It's an opportunity to share their work, their talents, and their story.  My first film screening was attending that 5th annual Engelwood International Film Festival screening of Man In 3B on Friday, October 23, 2015.  The movie centers around Darryl Graham played by Lamman Rucker, who moves into 3B and all eyes are on him. The movie is filled with drama, love, and mystery.  The story has a twist at the end that will have you shocked.  

AFter the movie, the co-stars even mingled with the audience for pictures and conversation.  This was a great evening of networking and engaging with some actors,actress, and directors.  An opportunity for you to be inspired to follow your dreams , find your passion, and walk into your purpose.

 It always niced when you can ask questions from the co-stars from the film about their role. The co-stars in attendance was Brely Evans who plays Connie Mack and Christian Keyes who plays Slim a bad boy, and Trey Haley the director answered questions from the audience after the screening of the movie.

Will you be going to See the movie?   Check out the trailer below and be sure to visit theaters on November 6th.

More information on the cast and film can be found at