Wednesday, October 28, 2015

My Thoughts about South Carolina Cop Assault at Spring Valley High-

I first saw the video titled assault of Spring Valley High on Facebook.  The video went viral across social media .  When I saw the video I was shocked to see the student slammed down to the floor while still in her desk, dragged across the floor, thrown across the floor, and then handcuff.  Let's not forget the head lock that the police officer put her in while handling her.  Why so much violence toward one child?  At the end of the day, she is still someones child.  Why was her parents not called?  Why did the teacher allow the RSO officer to use such brutal force on this child when it did not appear that she was a threat to him or others? 

As a parent, it's heartening to see your child irregardless of their actions, handled in such a violent way and manner.  According to CNN, the school district is now conducting an investigation into the matter and the office is on administrative leave.  Now, here's my big question did the school district decide to do an investigation into the officer's handling of the situation after the video went viral on social media and got the attention of the media?  Based on the video, one can ask if this could have been handled differently?  Where was the school social worker?  Where was the principal or assistant principal? 

If you received a phone call from the school or even saw the video of your child being treated this way, how would you react and how would you handle the situation?  In my honest opinion, he used excessive force on a child and that should not be tolerated nor accepted behavior.

Today, a radio personality asked his audience if the officer was justified or wrong and I was shocked to hear that some people thought his actions were justified.  Take a look at the video posted on CNN and you tell me if his actions are justified or wrong.  Visit the link  at