Friday, December 25, 2015

Are you ready to get your Finances in order?

It's time to give youself a better gift for Christmas this year.  Don't you agree that the gift of financial wealth is better than the gift of debt?  Every year we tell ourselves that we will get our finances and credit in order. Yet, we start out on a good note excited about making a budget, tracking our spending, and creating a savings plan. However, there is one problem with this plan.  That problem is sometimes we don't stick with it for more than 3 or 6 months to truly reap the benefits or see the true results. 
Sometimes we get distracted because we are not focused and our mindset about debt, money, or savings is not on the same page.  Instead, we make excuses that continue to put ourselves in the red or lack of financial plan instead of a wealth mentality mindset.   You can change your mind set about money, budgeting, retirement, savings, and debt by visiting Patrice Washington's website on Real Money Answers, "You Deserve Better Finances in 2016".  It's not too late to get started.

You cannot make steps toward progress if you have not changed the way you view, think, and handle your finances. You cannot get out of debt using the same mindset about spending. If you have the mindset "I got to buy it" then you’re defeating the purpose of getting your finances in order.

How many money & finance seminars have you attended? How many books have you read that you actually gained valuable information that added value to your life?  If your answer is only a few or maybe none then you should pick up Patrice Washington's Real Money Answers.

Visit her website below for more valuable information and rewards for purchasing before December 31, 2015.

Photo Source Credits:  All photos courtesy of Patrice Washington book launch team