Saturday, January 7, 2017

Hidden Figures Movie Review

Hidden Figures is truly an inspiring story about some amazing black women who were apart of NASA Space program. These women are the powerful mathematicians who helped put men in space.    Before seeing this movie, I was not even aware of any of these women Katherine Johnson, Mary Jackson, and Dorothy Vaughan.  The movie also represented an unspoken sisterhood between black women that was truly heartfelt.

The roles were played by three phenomenally talented women Taraji P. Henson played Katherine G. Johnson, Janelle Monae played Mary Jackson, and Octavia Spencer played Dorothy Vaughan.  These sister's brought life to the characters with honor. 

Photo credits:  Theodore Melfi

These women endured the ugliness of racism, segregation, and inequality.  However, Katherine, Mary, and Dorothy did not allow these barriers to stop them.  It was hard being a black woman during that time period.  These ladies are truly our Hidden Heroes because they opened doors for more women of color.  They knocked down barriers that were dominated by men who didn't care for smart educated black women. 

Katherine Johnson (Taraji P. Henson) shocked the men in her division with her brain intelligence, gifts, and talent mind that did complicated math calculations.  I loved her determination and drive that she didn't let the run across campus to the bathroom stop her from doing her job. Her job was crucial and the men did learned to respect her, her job, and talent.  Katherine is a hero who has inspired women across the country of all ethnicities.

Mary Jackson showed determination to go after what she wanted at NASA.  The scene Mary (Janelle Monae) had with the judge was awesome.  "Why not be the first at something instead of dreaming about wanting it?" Mary had that attitude of power called I will show you.  She had no fear during a time period that didn't see women in important job especially a female engineer.

Dorothy Vaughan (Octavia Spencer) loved how she taught herself how to program the IBM machine that will make her an asset instead of being replaced by a machine.  Dorothy was persistent with her pursuit for supervisor role.  She was determined to rise up and bring her girls with her as she left no one behind.  This is the sisterhood among black women that was strong during an era where support was important and is needed more in today's time between Black women. 

Each of these women's roles taught us about sisterhood, determination, drive, talent, purpose, and education is important for a black woman.  Some may say the focus was not on black women but one must understand that sisterhood is extremely important among black women that has been lacking in the work place.  These women displayed a sisterhood outside of the workplace as their friendship that was impeccable. 

Another lesson in the movie learn to be an asset so that you are never seen as a liability.  Hidden Figures is a story that I am glad was told about the gifted and talented black women at NASA whom just so happened to be college educated Black women.  Even though the story focused on the three main characters in the movie there was an entire department of black women working at NASA West Computer team. 

Thanks to Margot Lee Shetterly for writing and sharing the story about these amazing women who are heroes today and yesterday. I am definitely getting her book to read the full story of Hidden Figures. 

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Did you see Hidden Figures this past weekend?  If not, this is a movie you want to go see and add the book to your list.