Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Does Celibacy Make the Relationship better?

Choosing not to have sex and waiting till you are married sometimes can be a personal struggle. People choose celibacy for so many reasons whether it's spiritual or just choice not to have casual sex with multiple partners.   Does this make the relationship better?  Are there benefits to being celibate for the relationship?  Can you fall in love with someone without having sex with them?

Being celibate allows two people to truly get to know one another and build a stronger bond between each other without the stress of having sexual relations.  The absence of sex allows you to fully see that person's true value, personality, and build a genuine intimacy on another level.  No sex allows a true friendship to develop and be nurtured.

Are there any benefits to being celibate for the relationship?  Yes, there are benefits that are rewarding to the relationship such as respect, self worth, and wholeness.  A real man will have more respect for a woman who is selective with who she chooses to give herself to intimately.  A real man will honor her choice and vise verse a real woman will honor a man's choice to practice celibacy till marriage.   A relationship that is growing not based on sexual relations will have a stronger bond of commitment to one another and true friendship. 
Can you fall in love with someone without having sex?  Yes, you can fall in love without sexual relations.  If we were to look back at our grandparents and our parents, many had to wait for the gentlemen to come and ask the father's approval to court the daughter.  Back in the day, the gentleman was lucky if he got a kiss good night because usually the father was standing in the door way or sitting on the front porch.  One can fall in love with the person's character, the person's spirit, and the person without having sexual relations.  A relationship is not built on sexual relations as that should be a reward that is shared not a requirement to build and establish the relationship.

Do you think Celibacy makes the relationship better?  Do you think it's a hindrance?