Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Would you Relocate to another State for Love?

Would you relocate to another state for someone you are in love with?  Is there a rule that says the woman has to relocate or is it the man? 

These questions are pondered every day when someone is dating or in a committed relationship with someone that does not live in the same state as they do.  The love experts never said, he will find you in the state that you currently reside.  He might be passing through on business, visiting family, or visiting friends and you catch his eye so he decides to get your number.  The feeling of dating someone who does not live in the same state can be challenging at times, but what’s important is the communication and quality time spent together.  One has to know that you cannot do a long distance relationship for more than a year.  It can become expensive to traveling back and forth if he or she is more than 200 miles apart from one another.   Now that is another topic to be discussed at a later date.

Is there a rule that says the woman has to relocate or is it the man?  There is no written rule that states who has to move.  It's a conversation that must take place in the beginning of the courtship.  There must be an understanding of time invested, direction for the relationship, and communication.  We surveyed a few gentleman an the outcome was split 50/50 as half felt it's the man's job to relocate if he is not a business owner versus the other half feel the woman should follow her man especially if he asked her to marry him.

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Meanwhile, we surveyed a few women and they said they would relocate to another state for someone that they were in love with for the following reasons:
  1. If he owns his own business it makes sense to move.   
  2. If his career is industry is dominant/most popular in his state where it will cause him to  commute long distance for work.
  3. If the need to just change scenery to live in a new state that offers variety of career options.
  4. If the weather is better (going from the mid-west to a hot climate state with no snow). 
  5. If there were no kids or kids were in college. 
 What are your thoughts? Do you feel a woman should relocate or should the man relocate?  Would you relocate to another state for someone you were in love with?