Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Have you Ever Got Lost in a Man?

Have you ever gotten completely lost in a man that you forgot your own self worth?  Have you found yourself lost in love?  New relationships can be exciting and fun because you are in the "getting to know phase".  Getting to know a person is apart of relationship development, growth , and nurturing process. One just has to remember to allow time and space between each other so that you are not suffocating one another.  As the relationship progresses, it's okay to want his touch and his kisses to leave you memorized.  It's the beauty of learning someone new and what they have to offer in the relationship.
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When you find yourself loving everything about him from his smile, the way he talks, the way he walks, and even the way he smells are signs that you really like him.  It's adorable and intriguing to have those emotions and cares.  However, when you find yourself given him all of your attention and neglecting time for you to be missed and appreciated then that's a sign you have lost yourself.

Ask yourself these few questions to see if you have totally lost yourself:
  1. Do you find yourself missing church because he is not going or watching the game?
  2. Do you put what he wants before what you need and want?
  3. Do you find yourself sacrificing a game for one of your nephews/nieces or  even your own kids to make it to his events?
  4. Do you find yourself saying yes to everything he ask of you and something's that he don't ask for at all?
  5. Do you stop having "girlfriend time" to always be in his presence even with his friends?
  6. Do you find yourself getting mad when you don't have his attention, his time, or affection?
A few doctors might called your responses if they were all yes, "Fatal Attraction".  But for the sake of argument, you have lost yourself in a man.   Now given many have responsibilities with their significant others and spouses that requires invested time of both parties.  Even they like having quality time apart so that you can grow and share with others (friends or co-workers).  If the loving is that good that you don't mind the short list of sacrifices above then you are not whole.  A man does not make you whole for you must be whole before you come into the relationship.  Some men view this as needy and it runs them off.  Bottom line, don't loose yourself in a man that has not lost himself in you.  Two people can get lost in love, but they know how to share each other's time with friends, co-workers, and family. 

Inspired by new aspiring author, Mya Carter's "I Got Lost in a Man" spoken word blog. Check out her spoken word below.

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