Thursday, April 2, 2015

Celibacy, Is this the rebirth of a woman?

Celibacy, is this the rebirth of a woman?  When you decide to give your body back to God and wait on your Mr. Right, is it the rebirth of the woman in you?  Practicing celibacy will help you improve your self-worth, give you clarity, and develop an intimate relationship.   
Women desire for a relationship that has purpose and true unconditional love.  We need a relationship to have purpose not just sex.  A relationship that has direction and true meaning of love. You can reach that type of relationship when you practice celibacy.  Love is defined as an emotion of intimacy. So being celibate for one woman might have a different meaning for the next woman.  Our choices and reasons for waiting on our true chosen husband is to truly be his missing rib of completeness.
Taking a journey of celibacy, one discovers their wholeness, self-worth, and you fall in love with yourself.  If you cannot truly learn to love yourself whole heartily then how can you possibly teach a man how to love you?  It starts with a journey of celibacy.  It's not a purge taken place becoming celibate by eliminating the men that you have been connected to your spirit and your soul.  It's more so a rebirth of a woman of wholeness, a woman of peace, a woman of clarity, a woman of a divine purpose rising to be seen by her King. 
So the question remains, Is Celibacy the rebirth of a woman?
Photo Credits: Pinterest