Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Have You ever been in a dark Place (Self Love/Self Awareness Series)

As apart of a new series for Self-Love and Self-Awareness, we like to discuss and inspire someone with our topics in these next couple of weeks. 

Have you ever found yourself in a dark place?  About 3 years ago, I found myself in that dark place feeling depressed, unappreciated, and lost.  This was a point and place in my life where I was struggling with who I was, where I belonged, and where I should be.  I found myself trying to please everyone, but make me happy.  The man I was with didn't see the beautiful diamond standing before him instead, he was trying to mold me into someone I was not.  Have you ever been in this position?

Photo Credits: Pinterest/Phoenix Org -Quote Dr. Steve Maraboli
Over the course of three years, I would loose myself and drift into this dark place.  I was smiling on the outside and crying on the inside for someone to see me.  The battle was real and you find yourself trying to hold it all together while finding comfort in food.    Finally, one day I had to recognize who I was and stop trying to become a woman that I was not.  However, during those years, I would gain 60 pounds of pain, suffering, struggle with my self-awareness, and develop illness that would affect my health.  This was my wake up call from God to seek him, seek his love, and trust in him again. 
Photo Credits: Pinterest
I had to find my way out of the valley.  I had to fall in love with the woman I was and most important change my mindset and way of thinking.  Before I could see me with clarity and love, I had to remove the toxic people from my life that was not benefiting me and it started with the relationship that was not healthy for me mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.  Finally, I could see the beautiful woman who was purpose driven and becoming whole fell upon me.  I am 37 pounds lighter and the journey continues to getting healthy for me and not anyone else.  I have discovered the woman that I was born to become by placing my faith and trust in God and falling in love with me.  I acknowledge and administer Self-love to me and accept it's okay for me time.  My self-awareness is what makes me whole again.

Have you ever drifted off into that dark place?  How did you handle it?