Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Have You Dated Mr. Wrong and Mr. Not So Right?

Today's relationship blog is with a little humor ladies and gentlemen that does have a message of encouragement when it comes to waiting on your Mr. Right.

Have you dated Mr. Wrong and Mr. Not so Right?   A Mr. Wrong can be defined as a man who does not fit your qualities or checklist.  He has a job, a smile, no aspirations, no purpose, no dreams, and he is a man.  Does this sound familiar to anyone?  This is the guy who is content with where he is and cannot manage his finances.  He is always borrowing money from his friends and when he gets comfortable enough with you, he will ask you to.  The only reason you went out with him was the way he looked.  Does anyone recall what their grandmother said?  What looks good on the outside is not always good for you?  It's like taking a kid to the candy store and setting them free to pick up anything.  An even better reference would be a quote from a pastor who said,  you are shopping on the clearance rack at the goodwill store when you are dating.   It's a symbol of desperation and reducing your standards.  Why date someone that is not compatible with you, no common interest, or has goals for himself ? 

How about Mr. Not So Right? He can be defined as not right, but he is not wrong either.  This is the guy that has potential for you to change him and mold him into your Mr. Right.  You might look at him as a project, but like all projects one can get bored.   One would describe this as when you shop on the clearance rack at Macy's or Target.  It's impossible to upgrade an item off the clearance rack once it's been marked down.  So, why would you downgrade or settle for something in between?   Men are not projects that can be manipulated, changed, or re-designed.  If you have to change a man, you should not want him. 

Photo Credits: Pinterest Black Love

Dating can be difficult and it can be frustrating, but that's why it's called dating.  You have to weed out those prospective men to the one who fits your quality, character, compatibility, and spirit.  Practicing patience is virtue and being authentic to who you are and realistic.  Be honest with yourself  before wasting your time and his.  Do yourself a favor and say no to Mr. Wrong and Mr. Not So Right.  Open your mind and yourself to dating and meeting like minded men that possess your relationship qualities, compatibility, and relationship goals.

Have you dated Mr. Wrong or a Mr. Not So Right?