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Her Stolen Pride- Mamie Kings Chalmers Real Life Story By LaSuria K.Allman

Her Stolen Pride, the true story about civil rights activist Mamie King Chalmers written by her eldest daughter Lasuria K. Allman.  She would spend 26 years fighting for her mother's stolen identity, stolen pride, stolen experiences, and rightful place in history. Lasuria would not stop with the first book, but she would continue to tell her mother's story in Her Stolen Pride II and Pride Restored. 
Book cover: Her Stolen Tribe
I know of you are wondering, who is Mamie King Chalmers?  She is the young woman in all the pictures from the Civil Rights Movement on the front lines.  Mamie King Chalmers was hosed by the Birmingham Fire department and attacked by dogs as you can see in the many pictures caputred by the photographer.  We all have seen these pictures during black history month, in civil rights documentaries, and even in magazines, and TV specials. The photographer Charles Moore sold these famous photos to Time Magazine.

Photographer Charles Moore/Time Magazine
  I recognized the pictures and like many didn't know her name until I sat down and interviewed Author Lasuria K. Allman.  There are still names unknown of those who fought for the right to vote that some people take for granted to this day.  It's time to read Her Stolen Pride Pt. I and Her Stolen Pride II, and Pride Restored found at

 It was a journey that Lasurie was determined and driven to reclaim her mother's name and historical contributions to the Civil Rights Movement.  After countless letters to news stations and reports,

It would be a reporter by the name of Frank Donnelly for the Detroit News who would share Mamie King Chalmers story with the world.  Mr. Donnelly would air her story on the 50th anniversary of the historical pictures taken of her and the two boys being hosed in front of a store front in Birmingham, Alabama.  Finally, the world would get to hear the truth and see the real Mamie King Chalmers.

Sit back and take a listen to the full interview at

Photo: Lasuria K. Alman
Lasuria, is on a crusade for her mother Mamie King Chalmers Her Stolen Pride Pt. I &II and Pride Restored.  Her next step is the White House to have her mother receive the Presidential Honor from President Obama. 

Be sure to check out The first History Book, Mamie King Chalmers was honored and recognized in is Beads on a String America’s Racially Intertwined Biographical History by Ey Wade.  You can order and Read the more about her at this link:

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