Monday, September 14, 2015

Movie Review- The Perfect Guy

On Sunday, we went to see the #1 movie at the box office, The Perfect Guy starting Saana Lathan, Michael Ealy, and Morris Chestnut.  It was a stunning performance by Saana Lathan and Michael Ealy.  To see her in a take charge, stand your ground, and fight was awesome.  Now, Michael Ealy played the perfect guy who was smart, fine, and psychotic is the word I will use for his role.  It was nice to see him play this type a role because he usually plays the good guy.  What can I say about Morris Chestnut?  He always shines and in his role he stood up to Carter Duncan. 

This was a love story with a twist of suspense and drama.  It will keep you on your edge of your seat and even had us jumping a few times.  Carter was charming, he paid attention to detail, and he even past the girlfriends test. He was too good to be true.   The IT (computer expert) make you want to think twice about dating a guy who is extremely good with computers.   Dave was a laid back brother who sometimes get over looked and taken for granted.   Hint, the grass ain't always greener on the other side, now is it?   It was a beautiful love story between Leah and Dave. 

As with all movies, there are always messages that one can take away with them and a lesson.  Let's start with the lesson first, the perfect guy does not exist.  If he does then run while you can because no man is perfect.  Second lesson, When you have a good man like Leah (Saana Lathan) did with Dave (Morris Chestnut), you cannot rush a man into marriage because your clock is clicking or you have this timeline that you have been keeping.  Another lessor or message if you wanted to name is to treasure the man that is spending time with you, appreciating the little things about you, and investing in the relationship.

What are the messages in the movie?  Sometimes we jump into relationship too quick without getting to know who are person really is?  Hint, Carter Duncan had another name? He had a temper that was out of control.  Another message, the police and the laws of the state cannot always help you as a woman when you run into your "Perfect Guy" that turns out to be crazy.  No, seriously open your eyes to the man that is standing before you who loves.  I believe we as women want The Perfect Guy to exist that will come along and sweep us off our feet like prince charming. 

It was a great movie and I highly recommend everyone to go see it.  You will love this movie.  Have you seen it yet?  Don't you want to go see Carter Duncan (Michael Ealy), Leah Vaugh (Saana Lathan) and Dave (Morris Chestnut) in this love triangle mixed with drama, suspense, and love?

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