Friday, September 25, 2015

Minority Report-Fox's new show on Monday Nights

This is premier week and I am loving the new show on Fox called The Minority Report staring Megan Good.  She plays a metro police detective Lara Vega.  She is a cop racing to stop the worst crimes in 2065 before they happen with a man who is haunted by the future.  Wow, talk about futuristic show.  The future looks amazing. 

Meanwhile, it's nice to see her back on television.  This is a good role for Megan Good and the story line for this series will keep you intrigued and coming back on Monday nights on Fox.   Her cast mates are Stark Sands as Dash is haunted by the future cops. Her co-workers  Wilmer Valderrama as Will Blake, Li Jun LI as Akeela work deligently to solve the murders.  While the twins siblings of Dash played by Nick Zano as Arthurnd, and Laura Regan as Agatha.  This is a great cast line up that I am looking forward to watch during this Fall season. 

It's a great show that kicked off Monday nights and if you missed it make sure you check out the encore on Friday. 

Photo Source Credits:  Picture from Facebook/MinorityReport

If you missed an episode, check out the link below to watch the pilot.  Tell us your thoughts and watch it with us on next week.