Monday, September 15, 2014

10 Tips on Chasing Your Dreams!

I recently watched a video with Denzel Washington giving great advice to a group of men and women about their gifts and dreams.  He said, "dreams without goals remain dreams that ultimately fuel disappointment." He went on to say, that goals on achievement require discipline and consistency. He spoke the truth to all dreamers standing on that stage.

   In order for you to make your dreams fall into alignment with your talents and gifts, one must set goals that will aid in materializing the dreams.  Every person on this earth was created in God's eye with a purpose that is unique to each individual. We are all created with special gifts and talents that require us to tap into and discovery who we are and why we are here.  There is a masterpiece hidden inside of our soul.  Our dreams tell a beautiful story about our lives.  Have you seen a sneak peak yet?  Big dreams require a bigger vision and bigger plan. 

Here are  ten tips that will help you get on your way to chasing your dreams and making them come true.
  1. Write your dreams down (Your vision requires a plan)
  2. Set goals (How you will accomplish tasks to get you closer to your dreams)
  3. Seek out a mentor (Someone in the industry you have chosen).
  4. Change your circle of friends  (Surround yourself with people doing what you want to do)
  5. Take a class (Improve or introduce you to the craft to hone that gift/talent)
  6. Be disciplined and consistent (Do not get distracted by obstacles)
  7. Stay focus on the vision and the plan (Determination is Key)
  8. Stay prayerful
  9. Be careful who you share your dreams with (Beware of the Dream killers)
  10. Do it
Do you know what your talents and gifts are?  Are you chasing and pursuing your dreams?  Do you have goals set that will help you to materialize your dreams? Are you being consistent and disciplined in your craft or study?