Friday, September 26, 2014

Are you a Bitter woman?

Are you a Bitter woman?  What happened that made you bitter? Being bitter is not attractive nor is it a quality any woman should hold onto.  It can be contagious to other women around you.  What is bitterness? Bitterness is a sour taste in a woman's spirit and heart that requires healing and forgiveness from the past pain and heartache.  It's like having a pity party because you didn't heal from the last relationship instead you got angry and grew bitter.  You carry that anger around with you for years instead of letting it go and learning from the relationship what ever it was that you needed to grow.  Instead, you allowed it to eat at your spirit and your opportunity for happiness.

Have you ever noticed that your happiness is another persons misery?  They cannot stand to see anything good happen to you because it didn't happen to them in their last one, two, or three relationships.  They never have anything positive to say about relationships.  They put all men in the same category because of what one or two men did.  Bitter women have a tendency to bring up what happened in the past pointing out your mistakes and comparing their relationships to yours.  They may find themselves judging your relationship based on their past relationships that didn't work.  Any relationship advice that is given is based on emotional bitterness.   

A bitter woman becomes an ugly woman based on her attitude and her actions that made her bitter from the start.  A bitter woman can let got of her bitterness by learning to forgive herself and the person that hurt her.  Let go of the anger and move forward with your life because most likely he has moved on with his life. 
We as women have to deal with that anger from the last relationship otherwise, it will make you bitter and not happy for any of your friends, family, or co-workers around you. Better yet, you may grow old alone due to your bitterness.  Are you bitter?  Do you know someone who is bitter?