Thursday, September 11, 2014

#Inspirational Thursday's-Learning How to Love Again.

Learning how to love again starts with you learning how to love yourself.  How can you give love to someone else when you don't love yourself?  You can start by telling yourself that you love you.  To be able to receive love one must be able to recognize and experience the love languages. 

Learning how to love again can be difficult when you are coming out of a unhealthy relationship.  You can love again because it is learned and earned from another person and love is not lost forever.  It takes time to heal a broken heart and forgiving the one who broke your heart is the key to a new start.  Forgiveness is important so that you are not holding onto the pain or the past.  One must remember, at the end of the day God still loves you unconditionally.  This is the type of love that you want to have in your life with no strings attached.  Unconditional Love is a beautiful thing and experiencing it will be a joy again.

Photo Courtesty: SP2 owns all rights

So, let's get started with easy steps that start with affirmation to ourselves each morning.  Tell yourself that you love you when you are looking in he mirror. Tell yourself that you are worthy to be loved and that you are beautiful. Compliment yourself on your outfit, your make up, and your hair. Validate yourself is the beginning of loving you.  I find that daily affirmations are good for your spirit and self esteem.  This will help you to create a healthy habit for a healthy new relationship that starts with you.  It has to start with you before you can start with someone else.   Finally, write a love letter to yourself that will uplift your spirit because the words are coming from your heart to you.  Have faith in Love for it's a powerful blessing.  You can learn to love again by starting with yourself.

Did you tell you today that you "Love You"?