Thursday, July 24, 2014

Birthday Spotlight Shout Out!

We hear at Sistah's Place2 Entertainment News like to send a very special birthday shout out to one of our favorite Actors Mr. Christian Keyes.  He is talented and blessed with so many gifts in the crafts of acting, singing, producer, and writer.  He is inspiring others to chase their dreams and follow their passion with heart and faith.

The talented actor can be seen on BET's "Let's Stay Together, ABC's Mistress, and in most recent movie blockbuster "Black Coffee" by Mark Harris, Christopher Nolen's "The Good Life" &" Four Seasons", and the actors very own "Note to Self". Christian has many other accomplished movies, plays, and TV shows under his belt.  He is truly an amazing actor that is one to keep your eye on him for he is taking Hollywood by storm.  We are looking forward to more classic and classy work from the very talented Christian Keyes.   We will keep you informed of the many projects from this talented actor in the coming future.  To learn more about him check him out on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. 

On behalf of Sistah's Place2 Entertainment News, Happy Birthday to Christian Keyes #LEO !