Thursday, July 17, 2014

Dare to Dream

Have you looked back over your life and asked yourself, What Happened?  You once had dreams of writing that novel, starting your own business, or writing for a big magazine company. Better yet, you wanted to pursue a career in acting or singing.  Somewhere along the journey of life, your dream got deferred and you got older.  Every year you made excuses as why you could not pursue your dreams.  You are never too old to dare to dream.

 If you have a dream of being a writer, launching your own business, being a actor/actress, or even a talk show host; there is nothing stopping you but you.  Sometimes we are our worst enemy and dream killer.  Step out on faith and believe in yourself and your dream.  What has been placed in your dreams are glimpse of your future.

You get one life and its' time to live and pursue your dreams!  Dare to Dream the impossible and realize that dream is possible.  You can make your dreams come true by believing in yourself first, encouraging yourself to step out on faith, and focus on making that dream a reality.  So, what are your dreams?  Have you sat and thought about your deferred dreams because you got married and had kids?  Or became a single parent so you put off your dreams because you were thinking about everyone else but yourself?  Dare to Dream and Dare to believe in You!