Thursday, July 10, 2014

Dating Men-Location, Location, Location!

Why does the realtor always say these three words?  Location, Location, Location!  Because the locations mean something for your investment.  We can use that same philosophy when meeting someone that one starts dating.

 How about meeting him on the Elevator at the Courthouse with his shoe strings and personal belongings in a plastic bag! Location, Location, Location!  One must ask themself, where is this relationship going?  Is he looking for place to call home or to be taking care of financially?  Yes, we believe in second chances, but one must ask the right questions because relationships are an investment of time, energy, emotions, and your heart.  If he spends more time in the courtroom in front of a judge then that is an investment you should really think thoroughly and pray about.  The talk should not be between you and your heart because if he is FINE, then you need a mediator to intercede on your behalf. 

 How about meeting him in the club?  How about meeting him online?  Let's go one step further, how about meeting him in your apartment complex?  Location plays a serious factor in your return on investment should you decide to date the guy from the club, online, or in your apartment community.  You must be assured that the time invested will be worth it and have no insecurities or questions that places doubt in your mind that he still dating online, hanging out at the club meeting women, and if he dating anyone else in community.  Location, Location, Location!  Be careful who you invest your time with and how you give your heart away.

How about meeting him at church? Meeting him at church can be positive and it can be negative. Simply meaning, if he truly has a relationship with God or his higher anointing than playing games will not be an issue.  I enjoy a brother that is spiritually grounded and has a personal relationship with God.  One should not have to look so hard to figure out if the person your interested in church is sincere and not utilizing the church to play the field.  I have friends that met in church and at church events who are happily married now.  You have to pay attention to the person of interest if he is real about who he is and not who he is trying to portray. 

How about a well dressed, cleaned man approaches you at a museum, a coffee house, a mall, or a grocery store.  He introduces himself and he has an Intellectual conversation with you.  A real Grown Man that is  Mature, Intelligent, Prosperous, Provider, Protector, and is grounded spiritual.  It's all about location when you are sniffling through all the weeds and grass to get to the treasure.  Now this investment has more potential that one can explore and recognize his worth and her worth that will compliment each another. 

 Investing in a relationship is done by both parties involved as it gives direction and guidance on the path that two people can take to develop, nurture, and build a strong friendship and committed relationship.  After all, the investment is long-term to grow old in love with someone that is compatible with you and compliments you.  The end goal is to become a family and the man to hold the role as head of house.