Monday, July 28, 2014

It's My Time 2014-Step out on Faith!

How many of us have said, "This is my Year 2014'?  How many times have you said, "It's my time to make all my dreams come true"?  How many of your friends and co-workers have you told I am launching my business or I am writing that book?  What's keeping you from taking that leap of faith to say Yes to your dreams?   How many times have you said, I am going to quit my job and start that business?  Who are you trying to convince?  It's time to tell fear to "get out" that it's residency has been evicted. It's time for your faith to grow bigger than your fear. How many excuses have you made not to step out on faith with your passion, your talent, and your gifts?  Faith will sustain you while taking charge as you dare to make the dreams a reality.   It's your year of Harvest to be elevated to your greatest potential.  Dreams require action, dedication, and work.

Photo credits: pinterest
Declare today that you will make the rest of 2014  your best yet, for there is still time to Dare to dream the impossible for it's possible.  Your dreams have been tapping you on your shoulders day in and day out, but we ignore because we are afraid. Afraid to leave a job that you hate or no longer are passionate about doing after 10, 20, and even 30 years.   Devon Franklin said it best, "Dip your toe in your purpose, your talent, your gift to get God's confirmation".  Allow God to lead you into your Purpose & Destiny!

 Photo Credits: Pinterest
Here's my testimony for Dreamers
After 16 years in corporate America, I found myself re-discovering my true passion as I questioned my purpose and passion for the last year. My dreams kept showing me my future as a business owner, writer, and published author/screenwriter. It was not until I read Purpose Awakening by Toure Roberts that I began to have clarity and direction.  My dreams became more realistic as I began to write them down and put a plan of action into place to make them a reality.  My vision and purpose became clearer as my prayers grew stronger and my faith grew stronger than my fears.  Taking the Leap of faith to pursue my dreams for greatness awaits on this powerful journey. 
Step out on faith today and walk into your purpose and passion!