Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Love-How I want to be Loved!

Love is not about having someone to pay your bills and buy you nice things. That's material and it's not from the heart. Love is about having someone who will care for you and about you. Someone who will stand by you through thick and thin. Someone who will be there with you through tough times and good times. Love is work and love is UNCONDITIONAL. This is the type of love I want from the man that finds me.  But first, one must open up there heart to allow love to come inside. Especially, when one has not known what real unconditional true love feels like.
Photo credits courtsey of Pinterest

When you have NEVER loved; you must learn how to love. That may require some patience on his part, but if he loves you then he will give you that patience & support. He will mend that broken heart by starting to sew a seed of love. When the heart has been broken, the art of forgiveness must be spoken so that you allow love to come to you. Otherwise, you will chase that love always and sometimes block that love from ever happening. 

One must understand that Men love different than women and women different than men.We all have different "Love Language".   We are unique creatures of God. Love is unconditional and that is the love I want in my life.   I want the love that will stand by my side when I am wrong and when I am right. I want the love that will fight for our relationship. I want the love that will be with me when I am struggling and when I am soaring like an eagle.  I want the love when I am talking sideways and twisted up out my mouth with NONSENSE... I want the love that will forgive me and just love me for who I am!

That's the kind of love I want for me. Google.com/+Sistahsplace2Blogspot1127415