Monday, July 7, 2014

Forgiveness- Before you move into your next relationship!

 In relationships, sometimes we have to get it wrong before we get it right. Especially when we are trying to restore, build, develop, and nurture a relationship. What is important for us to prosper and grow is to forgive ourselves first and foremost then forgive the person who hurt us.

It’s important to apologize to those you have hurt even if you never say it to them, but speak it out in your prayer because God knows when your heart is sincere. Once you forgive don’t hold onto the anger or grudges just let it go. If the person you forgave or told that you are sorry doesn’t accept it know that it's okay because you have done your part.

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You must stop worrying about everyone else not moving forward, just as long as you have taken the steps to forgive yourself and forgive others who have hurt you.  When you forgive a person don't keep bringing it up when you get mad at them because then you have not "Let it Go". 
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 Inspire, encourage, love, uplift, have faith, prosper, and FORGIVE so that you can live.  The next relationship is counting on you forgiving the person that hurt you so that your #Queen or #King will be able to love you and not be hurt by bitterness, pain, and anger.
Forgiveness will open doors your heart will truly welcome!  The healing starts with those three words, "I Forgive You".