Sunday, July 20, 2014

Man with Dreams

Photo credits: Courtesty of Pinterest & Facebook
A man with Dreams needs a woman that believes in him, understand him, and supports him. A woman with a vision will elevate them both on their journey to success. By far she will be his purpose mate that pray for his territory to be enlarged.  She will challenge him to be better and want more out of life.  He will honed his gifts and talents that will open many doors for him to excel at what he loves to do. He will leave a legacy because of his commitment to his dreams and determination to take his life to that next level. All this requires of woman with faith and vision and not a woman who will distract him from his dreams because she has no vision for her life or his. 

 It will transform his heart, his love, and his expectations of their relationship.  He will appreciate that woman in his life because she believes in his dreams and his goals. The bigger his dreams the wider her vision becomes for him and their journey.

Allow that man to follow his dreams and build your vision.